Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Raindown Shuffle

From chapbook, PRELUDE TO CERTAINTY, PG. 28:

RAIN DOWN SHUFFLE by don brennan

When the rains lose us in afternoon magic
stippling window glass, sending birds to shuffle
among leaves and think

Time takes on a semblance of relaxation
pulling on leg warmers
fur lined slippers
suggesting that we boil water for tea

Sip with rain down hours
bring peace into focus
swirl unspoiled anxieties in the bottom
of china mugs, chiding our distresses

dazzle the heart's need for mercy
when the rains find us at our
window panes

An evergreen mystery
muted and bowing heavily in our
presence, as though we were idols
and the glistening citrus against a
gray sky our misguided worshipers.


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