Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Now Lebanon

by don brennan

dan gillerman has made an official ambassador’s
announcement to the UN direct from olmert’s
bloody lips: so long as hezbollah exists, resistance
to bush exists, to olmert exists

the other night the children of Qana
died en masse, an all night orgy

so long as resistance exists
children by bush be
slaughtered in their motherfucking
lebanon beds

condi says these the birthing
pains of middle east democracy

condoleeza’s birthing pains, squeezin’
out bombs from
her imperial womb in the middle
of the night over Qana, dubya
coming omygod omygod
olmert coming yaweh yaweh

condi squeezes out another

can you hear the lovers crying out?

excuse me happy trio
that background noise
sounds like babies
screaming goodbye to this world
in the middle of
bedtime fireworks

squeeze, condi, squeeze!
come, olmert, come!
you too george

Israel and the usa
spilling fire from the sky
humpin’ and murderin’
children as long as hezbolah exists!

official notice by the ambassador
to the UN
direct from olmert’s bloody lips

but we seem to be mixing metaphors
sexual and natal, so
would it help if hezbollah just
changed it’s name to israel then, or to
bush for some semantic clarity,
or to condi for some conceptual
clarity on this whole
birthing pain thing

and it’s all so confusing
who is doing what to whom

since resistance
is the bastard child of empire
the depleted uranium that crushes the walls
of the nursery and sets the baby beds
to holocaust, after all, we
wouldn’t want to deny anyone’s holocaust

then we could say
it’s hezbollah’s fault

lebanese babies
are resisters
baby guerillas

every emperor’s right
to bomb his own little bastards

a good old texas boy
needs to have his fun on a
saturday night

ain’t that right?


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