Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A song from Gail Mitchell, San Francisco author and poet, recent graduate of SF State's MFA program in poetry. Gail will be reading tonight at Hospitality House at a showing of new paintings by SF artist and writer, Charles Curtis Blackwell, 5pm, Leavenworth St. between Goden Gate and Turk.

Another Peace song II
by Gail Mitchell

There's a woman over here
she's down on her knees
looking towards the sky
say oh Lord please

There's a woman over there
with a child in her arms
praying to Allah
to keep them safe from harm

And though we'll never know
their names
their tears are just the same
each breath drawn in sorrow

They're praying for their sons
They're praying for their daughters
hoping they will live to see tomorrow

And when those tears fall
I pray for mercy on us all
Cause their pain
is our shame and disgrace

Because we're sons and daughters
mothers and fathers
sisters and brothers
and we're tired of war


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