Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gail sang her Peace Song II at Sacred Grounds Cafe, corner of Hayes and Cole streets (#21 bus) last night. She had sent me another last april. Here it is.
don brennan

Just Another Peace Song
by Gail Mitchell

and they cry
the children on their knees
peeking into tiny fingers
trying to see the light
praying to their God
won't you bring him home alright

War is not the answer
and he's so far away
their father's tears fall
as each one looks away
He's their older brother
His voice is in their head

They are forbidden
to speak his name
so in their hearts they call
whispering into darkness
please don't let him fall

and the children rise
with their own battle cries
calling in the darkness
fleeing into the light

A million voices rising
will you bring them home


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