Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Often said, isn't it, that inimate relationships require much effort to sustain? OK, true enough, but you shouldn't have to be in a sweat over it all of the time. Intimacy gets down to love and everybody, or at least every song writer, knows that love is all there is, makes us and breaks us, is everywhere for sale but money can't by you any, can't live with it or without it, so what's the problem?


Standing with the sunrise
at your back
raising a forearm
to cover your eyes

as though the darkness
fading from sight
might steal away your vision

You have said to me
return now
look into the light
into time behind the sun

Return to the landscape
we have shaped together

I can see only your

Your shadowed eyes
watching me, warmer
than the red sun, cooler
than the blue sea at my feet

The sounds of gulls in flight
call me to wait
to walk at your side

A call as graceful as your smile
fills the space between us.


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