Saturday, June 17, 2006

Perpetual war, what's that about? Human nature, one supposes, the bully on the school yard becoming a power broker in adult life, the sucess of the sociopath in the realms of wealth and power, the joys of conquest, hubris unbound, tiny minds fulfilled, stunted imagination driven by delerious ambition.


it does not come easy

stealing the wealth of
millions of people does
not happen without a

but empire fits the usa
foot like a cinderella
cowboy boot

a target range glove
enclosing a christian
soldier's fist

armed robbery requires
hard hitting violence
shock and awe
state terror

tailored schemes of the
cia fit uncle sam as a fine
suit of armor cradling
the muscles of a crusading

of course the poor fight back
for what is theirs

imperial aggression creates
a cycle of resistance

snug as sweat shop spandex
hugging the butts of millionaire
athletes, perpetual war is a
perfect fit for the 21st century.

Don Brennan


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