Saturday, July 14, 2007

Don & Oona

Hi, Introducing my granddaughter, Oona Grace Brennan. Poem for Oona:

by Don Brennan

So much affection
ensnared me
a smile is all I needed
to see
a laugh was all she
needed from me
her comedy, my delight

Some luck, yes!
call it grace
something had fallen on me
a sea spray on a
hot day
caressing my face

By grace
beauty falls
softly as our need
drifting on us
down from
clean places
outside desire

The way rain and
snow touch the Earth’s
fragile face
when she is new

When she needs them to.
Grace speaks by singing
In a whispering
voice from inside

Enchantment moves
by rocking it
dancing close
rock it, Baby
hand at the middle
of your back

We, the earth, able to hear
to feel affection in the weather
rain drumming
sun steaming

Behind a beat dancing
singing to us

Able to feel
affection moving
in one another

By grace our universe
moves us
in our own dance

Our forever, ongoing
love song
so familiar



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