Friday, April 29, 2011

Poet's response to Lao Tzu, Chapter 3


Groveling before the violent,

sneaking envious glances at

their greed as we bleed

has the desired effect of

rendering us irrelevant.

Theft creates both poverty

and the power to steal even

more, which is done to us

insidiously, with calculated

corporate efficiency.

And so we turn to teachers

of spirituality to inform us

of the benefits of virtue and


Without reaching out their

hands or writing us any

cheques, our gurus seek

to inspire equanimity.

Kindness, peace and love

are somehow superior to

wallowing in dollars, we

are assured, and

It is highly

recommended that we

stop our groveling, and

Look within.

- don brennan Tao Ch. 3



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