Monday, February 11, 2008


New Chapbook, URGENT CARE, going to the printer this week will be available for sale ($5) in March wherever you find me: Just about every Wednesday night at Sacred Grounds (Cole and Hayes), first Mondays at Gallery Cafe (Mason and Washington ), second Mondays at It's A Grind (Polk and Washington), third Thursdays at Bibliohead Bookstore (Gough and Hayes), and every Tuesday afternoon, 3:30 - 5:30 at Hospitality House Community Arts Center, 146 Leavenworth at Turk. Or email, ><, or call (415) 350-1554 to help recover my printing costs. Thanks.
Cover photo to the left is of my wife, Aura.

Two poems:


Who and why are they,
needing more and more
behind our backs?
We who have so little
know they need
nothing more.

Who and what are they,
other than their own
thirst? As though we
weren’t thirsty too.

The one’s who drink so
deeply from violent
dreams swim
downstream to salt water
cursing the sea.

Why are they and we
in this matter of fortune
so estranged? Needing
one another
behind the backs
of one another.

Who and why are they
so driven to conquest?

We have lost them
and they, us.


This feels like love
sinking , vertigo falling
an osprey diving
below the horizon.

The horizon disappears, a
beautiful last goodbye
leaving us behind.

An old moon rising
leaves us waning.

This reminds me of Aquinas
looking for first causes
attempting to fill the void
with a single deity falling
absurdly into existence
like sun fall.

A sundown saint
falling out of place
out of time’s moondown

The earth in the way of light
leaves us alone with stars
you and I
feeling like storm
clouds in the way of
all light.

You and I lost
for an interval between
the undiscovered
and nothing.

But never precisely lost
because everywhere is an abyss
an interval of distinction between
one thing and another thing.

Love’s location, everywhere.


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